Skills Assessments

IKM’s online assessments utilize proven methodologies to ensure you can reliably conduct pre-hire testing of your candidates for employment screening and evaluate the skills and abilities of your employees in the most cost efficient and effective way. Featuring a powerful combination of a performance and a knowledge based approach, you can cut the evaluation process in half.

Offered in multiple languages, IKM’s online assessments can be deployed on PCs, networks or the Internet in a supervised (proctored) or remote environment.

Available for most industries and disciplines to measure knowledge, skill, aptitude and attitude, you can quickly and easily combine or extend existing assessment packages, customize your own, or have IKM tailor an assessment for you.

Perfect for employee testing or pre-employment testing for candidate screening, pre-training testing and post-training testing, certification programs or workforce planning, IKM’s online assessment products ensure you select the right candidate and conduct the right level of training for your people.

Using powerful reporting, you will have detailed analysis of test results to help you make better decisions and predict candidate and employee success.

IT Professional

Online Assessments including Programming, Development, Administration and Technical Support of new and less recent languages and technologies including Java J2EE, C++, or Microsoft SQL Server using real-world code manipulating environment. Includes Disaster Recovery, IT Project Management and Aptitude.


Including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Financial Statements as well as accounting sofware such as Peachtree and Quickbooks.


Including individual’s attitudes, aptitudes and characteristics to determine whether your candidate is a good fit for the job and for the organization.

Basic Computer Skills

Including Digital Literacy, IKM Computer Literacy, Working with Windows.

Call Center

Including customer service skills, sales ability, audio data entry, speed and accuracy, data analysis, cross-referencing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary, using simulations of call center scenarios.

Foreign Language Proficiency

Online assessments to gauge workforce or candidate linguistic competencies. Tests available in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.These tests can be used to determine the candidate’s knowledge in that language as a second language.


Including Nursing and Clerical in the Healthcare field including medical terminology, billing and filing codes, medical coding and dosage calculations. Based on specific fields including critical care, surgical, intensive care, clinical radiology, labor and delivery, pediatrics, and psychiatric nursing.


Including machine skills and industrial mathematics as well as specific knowledge in a variety of disciplines including construction, automotive, plumbing, electrical work and industrial safety.

IT Coding

Online assessments for programmers and software engineers to assess ability to write code in response to real-world situations of varying difficulty. Tests available in popular languages such as C++, JavaScript, Java, and more.

MS Office

Assessments for Microsoft Office including all versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.


Including sales ability, practical experience and productivity for business to business, business to consumer and sales management for products, capital equipment, solutions and retail. Includes standards established by the National Retail Foundation for the National Skills Standards Board.

Secretarial & Clerical

Assessments for office and clerical skills including business English and math, typing, data entry, filing, coding, Lotus, WordPerfect and telephone and office management skills.

Staffing Industry

Including Recruiting, sales, operations, management and training, as well as understanding of compliance with employment rules, regulations and laws.

Talent Acquisition

Assessments covering various behavioral and cognitive soft skills to help locate the best candidates for a company’s unique environment.

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