Test Administration Options

IKM’s assessments are easily administered so that you may conduct pre-hire testing, employee testing (including pre-training and post-training testing), and certification programs with minimal administration.

IKM’s assessments can be delivered over the web for your candidates or employees to take at their convenience, or they can be scheduled at a local supervised assessment center.


Supervised Onsite

A comprehensive assessment given in a supervised (proctored) setting on the client’s site. The only solution when security and integrity of assessment results are of paramount concern, such as high-stakes (critical role) hiring decisions.

Self-Administered everywhere

Similar to IKM Supervised in scope and detailed analysis, but given at the assessment-taker’s convenience wherever and whenever web access is available. Perfect when the need for convenience outweighs concerns about test security that is generally provided in a supervised setting.

Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring software authenticates the Test Taker using facial recognition and maintains continuous identity and verification throughout the exam. Test Taker behavior is tracked and recorded using the Test Taker’s webcam and microphone. Testing abnormalities will be flagged and a report as well as a video of the testing session will be delivered to the Test Administrator along with assessment results. The Test Administrator will be able to view the testing session to verify test taker identity as well as evaluate any possible behavioral indiscretions flagged which might alter test results.

Join other clients and use IKM's skills tests to improve your bottom line:

  • Reduce hiring time and costs
  • Improve training ROI
  • Maximize productivity of your project teams
  • Improve skill-gap analysis workforce planning
  • Optimize career development
  • Reduce staff attrition
  • Improve corporate standards