Knowledge Measurement

Most organizations are confronted with difficult challenges such as:


  • How can we improve the quality of candidates employed?
  • What areas of training are really needed across the enterprise?
  • How can we identify the individuals who need training within the organization?
  • How can we ensure our training programs are effective?
  • How can we ensure we have the required skills for future projects?
  • How can we reduce staff turnover?

Incorporating a web-based assessment solution into your day-to-day process for recruitment drives, skill audits, project staffing and training will enable you to unleash the full potential of your employee base and add to your competitive advantage. IKM’s assessments allow you to:

  • Conduct employment screening using pre-hire testing
  • Identify specific training requirements with pre-training assessments
  • Evaluate training effectiveness and knowledge transfer with post-training assessments
  • Provide career development with employment testing and certification programs
  • Optimize project teams using skill gap analysis

Join other clients and use IKM's skills tests to improve your bottom line:

  • Reduce hiring time and costs
  • Improve training ROI
  • Maximize productivity of your project teams
  • Improve skill-gap analysis workforce planning
  • Optimize career development
  • Reduce staff attrition
  • Improve corporate standards