Reporting and Analysis

IKM offers a wide range of reporting options depending on the assessment type and the methodology used.

Using IKM’s Adaptive Methodology, all information generated by your employees or candidates throughout their assessment process is stored in a secure IKM HID (Human Intelligence Database).  You may produce reports and further analyze at any level, including individual, project team, departmental or enterprise-wide.  You can even compare results to the entire IKM assessment-taker population for industry standard benchmarking.

Using the level of detail provided by IKM’s reports, you can more effectively conduct:

  • Employment and Pre-Employment Testing and Screening
  • Training Assessments including Pre-Training Testing and Post-Training Testing
  • Employee Development Programs including Certification
  • Skills Audits for workforce planning and optimization

IKM Proficiency Profile™

Automatically generated to display an individual’s assessment results in an organized, easy to read format.  Added to the key areas of measurement is an Automated Score Interpretation highlighting the overall capability of the assessment-taker. See below for samples of this report, click to get more details.

SkillGap™ Report

Summarizes overall strengths and weaknesses (skill gaps) of a given group within a designated technology.

IKM SkillSearch™ Reports

Identifies employees meeting designated search criteria. See the ‘IKM Reporting and Analysis Brochure’ to view a sample report.

IKM CompareScore™ Reports

Provides comparisons of designated components such as branches, dates and departments or use for pre and post-training comparisons. See the ‘IKM Reporting and Analysis Brochure’ to view a sample report.

Join other clients and use IKM's skills tests to improve your bottom line:

  • Reduce hiring time and costs
  • Improve training ROI
  • Maximize productivity of your project teams
  • Improve skill-gap analysis workforce planning
  • Optimize career development
  • Reduce staff attrition
  • Improve corporate standards