Test Authoring Tool

TeckChek unveils TestWrite, automated question authoring tool.

New York City, New York – Tuesday, January 27, 2004TeckChek, the leading provider of vendor-independent IT skills assessment services since 1987, today announced the introduction of TestWrite, its new authoring tool designed to make creating TeckChek tests a much simpler and quicker process. TestWrite will enable TeckChek clients and other 3rd parties to quickly develop assessments utilizing the sophisticated TeckChek testing methodology and format. Clients will be able to develop assessments that cover their own proprietary knowledge base.

TeckChek’s assessment methodology is designed to provide a very detailed analysis of strengths, weaknesses and overall proficiency. However, providing such a detailed analysis requires large amounts of feedback from the test taker. To get this amount of feedback TeckChek incorporates an adaptive testing methodology with multiple correct answers, question difficulty weights and answer accuracy weights. This sophisticated methodology often required a long period of time to develop a test.

Ken Strauss, Vice President of Product Devleopment for TeckChek, stated “The TestWrite authoring tool has reduced the development period of a typical test from months to a few weeks. But the real benefit is that our clients can now develop tests for their own knowledge bases. Sales staffs can be tested on their knowledge of the product line. Help desks can be evaluated for their knowledge as well. And the detailed analysis provided by TeckChek will enable clients to pinpoint the knowledge areas that are deficient.”

TestWrite is an offline tool that is downloaded to the author’s computer/laptop and thus allows questions to be written anywhere anytime. TeckChek plans to unveil an online version to faciltitate collaborative test development in the summer of 2004.