About Our Assessments

What is an IKM Assessment

IKM’s assessments are user-friendly for both the administrator and the test-taker. Perfect for employment screening and testing, pre-training and post-training testing, certification and skill audits, IKM’s online assessments will allow you to determine skills, abilities, knowledge, attitude, and aptitude.

Using a unique adaptive-testing methodology incorporating powerful algorithms and scoring, IKM’s assessments provide the most detailed results of knowledge in the shortest possible time.


How can I try an IKM assessment?

IKM does not provide specific sample tests.

You can try a General Knowledge Sample test by following the steps below:

Step 1. Please register your contact info to get started

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Launch IKM Demo Assessment

Experience a short skills assessment employing IKM’s Adaptive Methodology including adaptive questioning, multiple correct answers, sub-topic breakdowns and a score report.

Launch Adaptive Demo Assessment

Experience a short and very simple demonstration of the adaptive testing method, showing clearly how the difficulty of questions adjusts based upon your previous answers.