IKM’s assessment results report provides more detail on the assessment-taker in an easy to read format

New Jersey – USA – Friday, July 20, 2007 IKM, a leading provider of web-based employee and candidate knowledge measurement solutions and services, today announced the upgrade of its assessment results report, IKM Proficiency Profile™.Already offering more insight into the test-taker than other assessment providers on the market, IKM has now enhanced its report to offer even more detail in an easy to read, graphic format.

Based on IKM’s unique adaptive methodology, IKM Proficiency Profile™ provides an overall score, percentiles for global results comparison, work speed, practical ability, subject coverage and subject analysis.

In order to identify a suitable candidate or pinpoint training requirements, an understanding of what makes up an individuals overall knowledge is required. Exclusive to IKM is the ability to identify the knowledge level of various skills that make up a discipline.

“An overall score is not necessarily a good indicator that an individual has the satisfactory level of knowledge to perform in a role. Critical to this decision is subject analysis,” said Ken Strauss, COO, IKM.

Using powerful algorithms and multiple correct response methodology, subject analysis identifies an individuals grasp of various areas within the total position requirement. For example, an overall score of 76% may be an acceptable result, but identifying where the 24% shortfall lies is essential to make accurate resource decisions.

“If you were recruiting a J2EE professional, you need to understand where the specific strengths and weakness lie, not just if they passed a test. If your J2EE professional scored 76%, but was weak in security architecture and web services, wouldn’t you want to know?” said Ken.

With an incorrect hire costing more than four times the annual salary, and money wasted on unnecessary training varying from 25% of the total training budget, IKM has found the need for accurate, reliable and objective assessment results has increased dramatically over the past 2 years.

“Extending beyond the traditional pre-hire testing, IKM has become a strategic component within the HR process across the enterprise. Our extensive assessment results that go beyond a one dimensional score has contributed to this development,” said Ken.

Used across various HR initiatives including training, recruiting, performance reviews, skill audits, certification or, IKM Proficiency Profile™ is available with any new, combined or existing assessment that uses IKM’s adaptive methodology, including IT, Sales, Project Management and Computer Skills.

This new report will be available to new and existing clients from mid-August, with an information and familiarization program being rolled out in July. For more information on how to incorporate IKM’s assessments into your recruitment cycle, contact IKM or visit www.ikmnet.com.

About IKM

IKM provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including web-based assessments, applications, and certification that allow you to enhance and optimize hiring, training, project staffing, skill-gap analysis, benchmarking, career development and certification.

Known for its flagship solution IKM TeckChekTM, IKM’s professional range of solutions offers a unique assessment methodology to deliver the most cost efficient and effective way of measuring knowledge.

IKM has a wide range of assessment and certification packages for all industries and disciplines, including IT, Project Management, Sales, ECDL/ICDL, MS Office, Clerical, Legal, Accounting, Retail, Nursing and Call Center.

Used by corporations, IT Outsourcing companies, staffing agencies, training organizations and schools, IKM is a subsidiary of Krest LLC and is headquartered in the US, with offices and affiliations spanning the globe.

IKM’s client base includes Keane, Compuware, Accenture HR, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, GE Capital, Lloyds TSB, Prudential, IBM, Siemens, Nortel and Reuters Software. For more information visit: www.IKMnet.com

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