IKM FITRecruitment, a low-cost package comprised of assessments and services, will shorten recruitment cycles and reduce hiring errors

New Jersey, USA – Thursday, November 17, 2005IKM, a leading provider of web-based employee and candidate knowledge measurement solutions and services, today announced the release of IKM FITRecruitment™, a packaged solution tailored specifically to reduce the burden on Recruitment Agencies and HR professionals.

IKM FITRecruitment™ consists of assessments and services that benchmark required skills, assess short-listed candidates, and report on candidate results to ensure candidates are the right fit for the job.  Available as a fixed-price solution on a project-by-project basis, IKM FITRecruitment™ dramatically reduces the workload of the recruiter while providing low-cost access to world-class assessments.

Available for IT, Sales and Project Management positions, the recruiter simply provides a shortlist of candidates for IKM to schedule candidate assessments, retrieve results, and analyze the outcome – all within the same day.

Dr Marie-Paule Donsimoni, CEO, IKM, said, “IKM FITRecruitment™ removes the burden of administrating candidate evaluations and fast tracks the decision making process.  Using intelligent assessments that can drill down to specific tasks within a role is key to eliminating hiring errors.”

Allowing organizations to go beyond psychometric assessments by evaluating actual knowledge, IKM FITRecruitment™ consists of three key steps.

Step One, IKM FITRecruitment™ benchmarks existing skills so that future employees match or exceed current standards and to ensure the skills and dynamics of existing teams are complemented.

Step Two, IKM FITRecruitment™ assesses short-listed candidates to determine necesarry knowledge, understanding, pratical experience, work speed and overall strengths and weaknesses.

Step Three, IKM FITRecruitment™ provides a candidate ranking based on the core siklls required and the assessment results.  This includes a complete IKM ProficiencyProfile™ for each  candidate, along with a tailored report for easy candidate comparisons.

“IKM FITRecruitment has been well received.  We are pleased to have signed new clients across Asia Pacific, with further clients expected in the UK, Europe and America later this month,” said Donsimoni.