Conducting pre-hire testing shortens the recruitment cycle, eliminates CV fraud and aligns remuneration to skill sets.

New Jersey – USA – Tuesday, May 15, 2007 IKM, a leading provider of web-based employee and candidate knowledge measurement solutions and services, today announced the success its employment assessments have achieved with its client base.Used for pre-hire testing, pre- and post-training testing, certification, benchmarking, skill gap analysis and workforce planning, IKM reports dramatic results achieved in three key areas of candidate testing.

Firstly, the ablity to combat CV fraud. Published statistics on CV fraud range from 11% through to 67% and vary from slight enhancements to outright lies. Most popular inaccuracies on CV’s include an exaggeration of experience and employment duration, certifications and course qualifications, and remuneration.

It is estimated that 21% of candidates in the industrial, banking, public sector and finance industries engage in CV fraud. b Approximately 25% of companies rescind a job offer because of CV fraud, with 23% of employers sacking staff after discovering discrepancies in information provided during the selection process.

Inappropriately placing a candidate is a costly affair that can be easily avoided. Affinity IT, a leading IT resource company and client of IKM, has successfully incorporated knowledge testing to validate CV claims and improve the candidate selection process.

“Using IKM’s assessments, Affinity IT has completely eradicated CV fraud as a cause for poor candidate placements,” said Julie Bow, General Manager, Affinity IT.

Secondly, the ability to align the correct remuneration to the skill sets of the candidates. With IKM’s detailed assessment results, you can gain the exact insight into a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and proficiencies at sub-skill or job-task level. Providing raw scores and percentiles that allow global comparison to the test-taking population, you can more accurately match an individual’s skill set to the appropriate level of remuneration.

“Too many organizations overpay for certain skills, and underpaying for others. Both are undesirable situations. Through the incorporation of IKM’s assessments into the recruitment process, Affinity IT has prevented its clients from overpaying new candidates in as many as 27% of cases”, said Bow.

And thirdly, the ability to shorten the recruitment cycle. Through the incorporation of short assessments to filter unsuitable candidates, and more detailed follow up assessments for worthy candidates, IKM has significantly reduced the recruitment cycle for its clients.

“Although the recruitment process is important to establish the right fit for the job, it is also very time consuming. Using IKM’s recruitment tools and assessments, we have fast tracked the recruitment cycle by up to 32%, as well as improved the candidate placement outcome,” said Bow. “IKM delivers tangible benefits to its clients that positively impact the bottom line. We are delighted that our clients like Affinity IT are enjoying these results, and we will continue to work in partnership with them as we extend our candidate and employee solutions for their enterprise”, said Ken Strauss, COO, IKM.

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About IKM

IKM provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including web-based assessments, applications, and certification that allow you to enhance and optimize hiring, training, project staffing, skill-gap analysis, benchmarking, career development and certification.

Known for its flagship solution IKM TeckChekTM, IKM’s professional range of solutions offers a unique assessment methodology to deliver the most cost efficient and effective way of measuring knowledge.

IKM has a wide range of assessment and certification packages for all industries and disciplines, including IT, Project Management, Sales, ECDL/ICDL, MS Office, Clerical, Legal, Accounting, Retail, Nursing and Call Center.

Used by corporations, IT Outsourcing companies, staffing agencies, training organizations and schools, IKM is a subsidiary of Krest LLC and is headquartered in the US, with offices and affiliations spanning the globe.

IKM’s client base includes Keane, Compuware, Accenture HR, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, GE Capital, Lloyds TSB, Prudential, IBM, Siemens, Nortel and Reuters Software. For more information visit:

About Affinity IT

Affinity IT Recruitment is an Australian-owned company with office locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

With expertise and understanding that the quality of staff determines the success and profitability of an organization, Affinity IT is dedicated to providing quality permanent and contracting recruitment services to the ICT (Information Communication Technology) industry.

Delivering customized total workforce solutions from a single candidate to an entire IT Project Team in the corporate, telecommunications and public sectors, Affinity IT places over 900 permanent and temporary people per year, and turnover more than AUD$10.4 million. For more information visit

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