IKM, announces the introduction of the IKM QwikWrite™ tool to enable clients to create simple customized assessments ready for scheduling in minutes.

New Jersey – USA – Monday, September 30, 2013 IKM, a top provider of web-based employee and candidate knowledge measurement solutions and services, announced today the introduction of the IKM QwikWrite™ tool to enable clients to create simple customized assessments ready for scheduling in minutes.IKM QwikWrite™ is an easy to use online tool that enables development and deployment of custom linear assessments in a secure environment. Linear assessments are simple assessments which provide the same questions in the same order to every test taker. Linear testing provides a simple alternative to the more sophisticated adaptive testing when a comprehensive detailed analysis of strengths weaknesses is not required. Linear testing is also ideal for converting existing paper-based tests to electronic delivery and scoring.

In a simple linear assessment questions are limited to multiple-choice with one correct answer, true/false, yes/no, and fill-in the blank questions. More sophisticated custom assessments, including sophisticated adaptive assessments, can be created using the IKM TestWrite tool.

Assessments developed using QwikWrite can be scheduled using the standard IKM Administration tools and delivery platform. Like all IKM Assessment, results are available for analysis and reporting immediately upon completion of the assessment.

About IKM

IKM provides knowledge measurement solutions and services including web-based assessments, applications, and certifications that enable enhanced and optimized hiring, training, project staffing, skill-gap analysis, benchmarking, career development and certification solutions.

Known for its flagship solution IKM TeckChek™, IKM’s professional range of solutions offers a proprietary adaptvie assessment methodology to deliver the most cost efficient and effective way of measuring knowledge.

IKM has a wide range of assessment and certification packages for all industries and disciplines, including IT, Project Management, Sales, Computer Literacy, MS Office, Clerical, Legal, Accounting, Retail, Nursing, Call Center and Aptitude.

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