New Jersey – USA – Monday, February 6, 2006 IKM, a leading provider of web-based employee and candidate knowledge measurement solutions and services, and ITEC Co., Ltd., a provider of IT training and education services, today announced a partnership agreement that provides ITEC the total marketing agency license of IKM’s solutions within Japan.

ITEC will introduce IKM’s IT assessment solution, IKM TeckChek™, into its training and education services that includes ‘Assessment and Analysis’, ‘Training Programs Development’, and ‘Training and Education’. As a result, corporate training managers will be able to easily conduct appropriate management of their employees’ knowledge by integrating the skills assessment in their training and education process.

In addition to appropriate personnel recruitment and deployment, they will be able to develop and conduct tailored training and education programs for individuals (students) based on identified skill gaps that will significantly improve the ROI (Return On Investment) of their initiatives.

IKM and ITEC will also provide a Sarbanes-Oxley Act-/Corporate Accounting Reform Law-compliant assessment package to meet corporate risk management requirements.

Combining ITEC’s IT professional training and education expertise, having trained over 500,000 students in the past 24 years, with IKM’s knowledge-based assessment tools will allow the development and provision of optimal programs based on exact individual requirements based on skill gaps identified.

“In order for organizations to survive keen competition, it is absolutely necessary for enterprises to possess the capability to accurately assess and analyze employees’ knowledge proficiency levels,” said Mr Mitsuhiro Oikawa, CEO, ITEC.

“ITEC considers that most failures of IT system development are due to poor project team resource allocation, skill management and utilization. It is our philosophy that a holistic approach that encompasses knowledge of IT as well as personal and organizational skills achieves the greatest results,” continued Mr Oikawa.

Incorporating IKM TeckChek™ into Human Capital Management Program will enable the identification and analysis of company-wide skill gaps, reduce wasted training and associated costs, provide more insight into exact knowledge levels, shorten hiring cycles and overall HR optimization.

“We are delighted to have ITEC as a distributor of our assessment solutions in the Japanese market. ITEC offers a wealth of expertise in the training and education industry along with a keen understanding of how IKM’s solutions can improve an organization’s bottom line. We look forward to a long and successful partnership as IKM expands its global footprint in the knowledge measurement space,” said Dr Marie-Paule Donsimoni, CEO, IKM.