ENERGEX rolls out its new Field Force Automation (FFA) System using IKM’s assessments within its change management and learning processes.

Melbourne, Australia – Tuesday, October 23, 2007 ENERGEX, one of Australia’s largest electricity supply companies, upgraded its FFA System to improve productivity, customer service and work safety. Impacting more than 2,000 staff, The LiTMUS Group was appointed as part of a consortium to ensure a smooth transition.As part of the change management process, The LiTMUS Group used a Train-The-Trainer approach to accommodate the high degree of expertise required by an ENERGEX field worker. In order to ensure that the Trainers were equipped with the right skills to educate the rest of the team, posttraining tests were used.

“We needed a knowledge testing system that was accurate, detailed, and reliable tominimise the risk of unskilled workers in the new environment and to optimise the training outcome,” said Ian McRae, Partner – The LiTMUS Group.

After an extensive review process, IKM was selected to provide customised post-training tests due to its powerful test authoring tool, IKM TestWrite™, and its ability to produce detailed test results with optimal result integrity.

IKM TestWriteTM is an easy to use, online solution that provides a secure and collaborative environment to develop tests based on IKM’s unique adaptive assessment methodology. IKM’s testing methodology quickly provides detailed knowledge profiles of the assessment-taker beyond a simple right or wrong answer or overall test score.

“IKM’s assessments provide granular test results that allows us to accommodate the grey areas of knowledge that other assessments ignore”, said Ian.

The rollout of the ENERGEX’s learning program for its FFA system was a success, with all employees achieving a 93 percentile or more, a testament to the quality of trainers produced using the post-training testing model.

“When you are dealing with process changes within companies like ENERGEX, mistakes could cost lives. We could not take that risk. We were confident that we could rely on IKM’s test results for making these mission critical decisions,” said Ian.

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About ENERGEXENERGEX is one of the Australia’s largest and fastest-growing organisations with more than 3800 staff working in a range of roles to supply electricity to a population of around 2.7 million people in south east Queensland.

A top 100 Australian company with $6.6 billion in total assets, ENERGEX has more than 80 years industry experience and is one of the most respected companies in the country recently winning awards for customer communications, its strong environmental focus and community safety.

ENERGEX’s distribution area of 25,000 square kilometres includes more than 50,000km of underground and overhead electricity lines and cables, over half a million power poles, some 43,000 transformers and more than 290,000 street lights.

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