New feature allows TeckChek clients to build custom assessments using questions from existing assessments.

New York City, New York – Thursday, March 18, 2004TeckChek, the leading provider of vendor-independent IT skills assessment services since 1987, today announced the introduction of a new custom assessment feature available immediately to all TeckChek clients. This new feature will allow clients to build custom assessments identified as ‘Composite Assessments’, by combining selected questions from existing TeckChek assessments.

Composite Assessments will enable TeckChek clients to build assessments around a particular job description rather than a single technology. Most of TeckChek’s current assessments are designed to measure proficiency in a given technology. However, sometimes a particular job description might incorporate skills in several technologies. Composite assessments can reflect required proficiency in multiple technologies and thus serve as an assessment tool for the specific job description.
Every traditional TeckChek assessment for a specific technology breaks its questions and analysis into 12-18 sub-topics within the technology. Using the Composite feature, TeckChek clients would be able to select the exact desired sub-topics from each technology required within a job description. Like a standard TeckChek assessment, Composite assessments will provide scores for overall proficiency, practical experience, conceptual understanding and book knowledge as well as a detailed breakdown of strength/weakness in each of the sub-topics covered by the assessment.

Ken Strauss, Director of Assessment Consulting for TeckChek, stated “The ability to select specific question topics from multiple technologies makes TeckChek’s Composite assessment an ideal tool to identify and qualify individuals with the appropriate proficiency in all the technologies and topics required of a particular job description.”

About TeckChek
For more than 16 years, TeckChek ( has enabled large organizations to manage enterprise-wide IT skills and improve the productivity of technical recruiting, training, staff augmentation and resource management programs.
Headquartered in New York City, with offices in Europe, Australia, and Africa, TeckChek offers more than 170 computer-based, adaptive exams in a wide array of advanced technologies to identify the most technically qualified candidates and verify the technical skills of IT staffing consultants. The onsite and self-administered tests reduce the need for time consuming technical interviews and reduce the risk, as well as the expense, of having to replace technically unqualified personnel. Project performance is improved by matching employee and candidate skills to project requirements.

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