Light Industrial – Shop Math

This test measures mathematical skill related to typical industrial situations and diagram, including basic mathematics and geometry, the ability to identify dimensions of common objects, and reading diagrams.

Light Industrial – Shipping and Receiving

This test measures understanding of operations and safety issues related to shipping and receiving, including basic warehouse safety and procedures, proper stacking, storage and transport of material and the ability to identify information in common shipping and...

Light Industrial – Safety

This test measures understanding of practical safety considerations for a warehouse or industrial environment including use of hazardous materials, prevention of accidents and emergency procedures.

Light Industrial – Pick and Pack

This test measures the ability to identify and cross reference information found on common warehouse documents such as product or package labels, inventory forms, bills of lading and shipping documents.

Light Industrial – Basic Math Skills

This test measures skills in basic mathematics commonly used in a light industrial environment including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, decimals and time. Includes both numeric and word problems.

Legal – Research

This test measures the ability to recognize and use all types of legal documents, including standard legal references, legal publications and periodicals and legal briefs. The test also assesses understanding of legal foundations and principles.

Legal – Property Law

This test focuses on landlord-tenant relations, real estate, real estate finance, land use and rights of way, probate and estates, general property concepts, property and negligence, personal property, intellectual property, and property divisions.

Legal – Medical Law

This test measure knowledge of medical records, patient privacy and confidentiality, HIPAA, payment and credit procedures, drug administration and control, medical negligence and malpractice, standards of care, standards of practice, and government regulation.

Legal – Litigation

This test focuses on litigation terminology and procedures, including liability, jurisdiction issues, evidence and testimony, trial procedures, court orders and verdicts, alternative dispute resolution methods, litigation preparation, work product, motions and court...

Legal – Labor Law

This test focuses on employer-employee relationships, including safety and work conditions, sexual harassment issues, wages and benefits, alternative dispute resolution, employee classification, workplace discrimination, and hiring and screening.

Legal – General Law

This test measures a candidate’s general knowledge of administrative law, legal foundations, jurisdiction, types of law and legal practice, government and governmental regulations, charges and complaints, major legal cases, court structures, and court orders.

Legal – Documents

This test assesses the ability to apply legal document production standards, as well as recognize business organization documents, legal consent and capacity issues, contracts and commercial transaction documents, statements, oaths, affirmations, and probate.

Legal – Criminal Law

This test assesses knowledge of felonies and misdemeanors, legal defenses, police procedures, evidence and warrants, civil rights, law enforcement and jurisdiction.

Legal – Commercial Law

This test examines knowledge of contracts, business torts, negligence and due diligence, bankruptcy, intellectual property, codes and regulations, business organization, consumer protection, fraud and general property rights.