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Vendor HR Management

Whether you rely on human resources or depend on vendor management tools, there is a common denominator to every staffing vendor or outsourcing management program—the quality of talent that you are provided.

At the core of any outsourcing management program lies a fundamental question: Do the professionals being presented have the right knowledge and skill to do the job? IKM is instrumental in helping hundreds of companies answer this question every day.

Use IKM to help you improve the way you manage your outsourced staff:

  • Enhance the quality and reliability of the outsourcing process
    Using objective measurement, as opposed to subjective interviews, self-written resumes, or other means, you can increase the accuracy and reliability of the data being used to make important hiring, supplemental staffing, or outsourcing decisions.

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the outsourcing process
    Focusing only on those candidates who possess the knowledge, skill, aptitude and attitude to do the job eliminates wasted time and resources on less qualified candidates. Use IKM’s worldwide assessment results set benchmarks required by vendor candidates.

  • Create consistency within the candidate and vendor evaluation process
    Using the same measurement criteria to compare candidates presented by different vendors facilitates the evaluation process and helps to put both vendors and candidates on a level playing field.

Use IKM’s Vendor Management Program
IKM’s Account Management Team will work with you to understand your specific outsourcing needs and processes. Some programs are as simple as requiring vendors to submit an IKM Proficiency Profile™. More advanced programs integrate IKM’s assessment capability and results into your vendor management or HR management tools through an Extranet.

IKM’s easy and flexible program is designed to enable you to achieve the greatest return with the least investment of time and resources. For many corporations, the cost of the assessments form part of the vendor offering, so there is no expense to you as it is their cost of doing business. Other vendors already use IKM as part of their offering, so again no expense is passed on to you.



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