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Press Releases

2017 Press Releases

July 2017 IKM Migrates to the Oracle Cloud

2016 Press Releases

August 2016 IKM Offers Assessments for the Top Programming Languages of 2016

2015 Press Releases

April 2015 IKM Releases the First Hadoop Assessment Test to Worldwide Market

2014 Press Releases

April 2014 IKM Releases Its Second Trivia Challenge to Demonstrate Its Adaptive Methodology

2013 Press Releases

November 2013 IKM Enters SmartRecruiters Store
September 2013 IKM offers a fast solution for creating simple customized assessments.

2012 Press Releases

November 2012 IKM Demonstrates Its Adaptive Methodology With a Trivia Test Challenge
September 2012 IKM offers Linear Testing Platform and Programming Aptitude Test

2010 Press Releases

February 2010 IKM achieves Return Path Certification

2009 Press Releases

June 2009 IKM adds aptitude tests to its library

2008 Press Releases

April 2008 IKM enhances its assessment administration system
January 2008 IKM and The COI Group form strategic alliance

2007 Press Releases

November 2007 IKM expands into the Middle East
November 2007 IKM appoints TriGold Training as its exclusive reseller in Malta
October 2007 ENERGEX successfully uses IKM’s training tests for mission critical learning programs
September 2007 IKM and Maguire Training partner to provide accredited sales training programmes
July 2007 New IKM Proficiency Profile™ offers greater insight into knowledge levels of assessment-takers
May 2007 IKM’s employment tests improve the candidate placement success for its clients
February 2007 IKM and aCE talentNET form a marketing alliance
February 2007 IKM’s methodology continues to reduce training costs by a minimum of 15%

2006 Press Releases

November 2006 Sentinel selects IKM's employment tests to differentiate its offering
October 2006 IKM extends its assessment range
September 2006 IKM broadens its offering with Caliper personality assessment services
July 2006 IKM ATAC methodology reduces training costs by a minimum of 15%
July 2006 IKM's new assessments offer greater power and flexibility
July 2006 IKM adds aptitude tests to its offering
April 2006 IKM appointed to SFIA User Council Board
March 2006 IKM appoints APSIT as Master Distributor for France and Luxemburg
March 2006 IKM’s assessments will form part of EPITA Pro’s training courses
February 2006 IKM appoints Mike Walsh as National Sales Director for the US
February 2006 IKM appoints ITEC as its distributor for Japan
January 2006 Aqua selects IKM for pre-hire assessments

2005 Press Releases

November 2005 IKM launches project management assessments
November 2005 IKM's packaged recruitment solution improves hiring process
September 2005 IKM provides tailored solutions to mobile industry
August 2005 IKM launches new sales assessment solution
July 2005 Companies add pre-employment assessments to hire and retain better workforce
May 2005 IKM TeckChek Assessment Library Continues To Grow
March 2005 Reuters Software Thailand selects IKM to improve ROI on its learning and development programs
January 2005 TeckChek Now A Service of International Knowledge Measurement (IKM)

2004 Press Releases

October 2004 Global TeckChek Platform Released
August 2004 Tata Interactive Systems and Teckchek Enter Content Development and Co-Marketing Partnership
July 2004 ECDL Assessments
April 2004 New Test Result Format
March 2004 Custom Assessments
January 2004 Test Authoring Tool
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